Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve preps before bed!!!

After we finished the cookies, we began our Christmas Eve preparations! First, we started with the reindeer food that Grandma and I made.
 Mama helped me throw it out in the backyard.
 And Dada helped me throw it out in the front yard. You can never have to much reindeer food out!
 Then, Dada and I checked to see where Santa was at...he was somewhere over South Georgia...the country not the state!
 After that Dada showed me an email that he and Mama got from the Big Man himself, just for me!!!
 Then Mama read me "The Night Before Christmas"!
 And Dada read me the book from Grandma and Papa!
 Next, Mama and I wrote my Christmas list for Santa!
 I hope I get everything I ask for!
 Now it was time to put out the cookies for Saint Nick!
 I had to taste his donut to make sure it was ok! It was!

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