Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend rap-up

After playing in the snow I came inside to play. 1st stop was a juice break! I just love Apple Juice!!!Baby needed some juice too!Then I played with my friends in my chair!Grandma called and I told her all about the snow we got!After dinner it started snowing again so we went back outside to play!Eating some snowYeah...I am cute and I know IT!!!Here is how much snow we got!!!!!!!!Mama throwing snow at me!Also, here are some pictures of my toys I got in Disney. Mickey Mouse. Grandma got him for me!My $10 boon!Here are Tink and Minnie- they light up when I press the button!I forgot to have Mama take a picture of Tigger, but you saw him in a picture above!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let it snow! Let is snow! Let it snow!

This morning when I awoke...
to my sleepy eyes appeared...SNOW!
I don't want to wear this hatI can see it!!!and I feel it!!!I'm gonna get ya DadaHere it comes!!! HAHA
Lets go for a walk MamaI wonder which way I should go. This way...or this way?!?Dada...lets go this way!Dada hold me. I am tired of walking!Lets go home...Dada its cold outside!

Winter Blast 2010

You know the weather man is always wrong, well so thats what it always feel like. He told me that I was supposed to get some freezing rain and not snow. Well, last night before I went to bed it started to snow. YEAH!!!
I wonder what will happen overnight!

Friday, January 29, 2010

I see something!

What could I be staring at?Still not being distracted by Dada and the camera!
I see "TIGGER" my new favorite show!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just playing around!

Say "CHEESE"!!!Time to hide!
Almost gone!
Can you see me?
All closed up!
You found me! You like my new monkey shirt?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Disney World will wear you out!

Mama, Dada and I went back to the park on Monday and Grandma went with us!You like my funny ears?
Who in the world do I see?
Mama, Dada, and I took a family photo with Pluto!
Then Dada took me to get Pinochio's autograph!
I am almost as tall as him!
Grandma bought me some furry, pink ears when Mama and Dada went to ride Space Mountain!
I found Pluto's home!
Then Mama took me to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
I got a hug from Minnie!
Then we took another picture with them and Grandma joined in!
I didn't want to leave them!
Then we saw a show outside of Cinderella's castle!
I was getting tired!
Then I saw Uncle Steve....I mean Goofy!
Monday night, we went and saw the Spectramagic parade! Look Grandma who is that!?!?
It's Mickey Mouse!!!Hey Mama! Do you see what I see?
It's Cinderella!
Then we saw Minnie Mouse again!
After the parade we ate dinner and I sat with Mama...
and watched the fireworks!
Papa I am getting tired, lets go home!
Me and Papa!
Me and Grandma and Papa!
It was a long day!
AHHH! A bed!!!