Friday, December 31, 2010


Jamie took Randi to the Clemson pep-rally last night and I hate I had to miss it, but I was working.  (what a sweet Dada to take his little girl to a Clemson rally)
She got to meet The Tiger and some players!

She also got to meet President Barker.  The really neat thing about this was he gave her a bowl pin and ... even though he doesn't know it at this moment, the child he is holding is the granddaughter of the man he helped honor on Military Appreciation Day.  I think it may be neat to respond to his email he sent me with this picture!  I know...I am a dork!  HA
How sweet...Dada didn't even wear his USC hat, even though I told him to wear it. 

Randi and I before we were leaving to go to the game.  She decided at the last second that she didn't want to go and I was a little sad, but glad since we got killed!  HA

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dada's Christmas Gift

If you know our family or have read this blog, then you may notice that Mommy is never in the pictures!  Well, that is because I am a photographer and never have my picture taken with Randi.  For Christmas, I decided for Randi and I to have our pictures taken and give the pictures to Jamie!  The studio did the pictures, but I did the editing.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Presents are Wrapped!

Here is our Christmas tree and the presents wrapped!
 And Dada and I continued our tradition of making and ornament for Mama with my hand prints!
 Here is a picture of the paper Mama and I made!

Christmas Eve preps before bed!!!

After we finished the cookies, we began our Christmas Eve preparations! First, we started with the reindeer food that Grandma and I made.
 Mama helped me throw it out in the backyard.
 And Dada helped me throw it out in the front yard. You can never have to much reindeer food out!
 Then, Dada and I checked to see where Santa was at...he was somewhere over South Georgia...the country not the state!
 After that Dada showed me an email that he and Mama got from the Big Man himself, just for me!!!
 Then Mama read me "The Night Before Christmas"!
 And Dada read me the book from Grandma and Papa!
 Next, Mama and I wrote my Christmas list for Santa!
 I hope I get everything I ask for!
 Now it was time to put out the cookies for Saint Nick!
 I had to taste his donut to make sure it was ok! It was!

Baking Cookies for Santa!!!

Mama and I continued our tradition of baking cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa!!!
It was lots of fun! I separated them and then put them on the cookie sheet!
 We also made some that looked like Christmas trees!
 Then we frosted them!
 Yummy Mama!!! I love this stuff!!!
 Now its your turn Mama!
 Then we put some sprinkles on...its a very precise process!
We made Santa's look like Mickey Mouse!
 I hope he likes sprinkles as much as I do!
 Maybe he will like powdered donuts too!

Randi's 2 Christmas Trees

This year we set up a small Christmas Tree in Randi's room...she loved it!  I even wrapped some small fake presents to go underneath it!
If you know Randi, then you know that she is in LOVE with Mickey Mouse.  This is her door to her room.  Thanks Grandma for finding a christmas Mickey.
And her Mickey/Disney tree in her playroom!  She loved it!
I used one of the left over Mickey heads from her Birthday party as the tree topper! Creative!!!!
And lets not forget her life size Christmas Mickey! 

and her Mickey stocking!  I wonder if Santa will fill it?!?!?!

Kada's last day of 2010

So this morning when I woke up, Kada had left me a plate of my favorite breakfast food...powdered donuts!!!
Yes, he may have had a bite or two...
but he did leave a couple to enjoy!
He also left me a very nice note telling me how good of a girl I had been and that he was definitely going to let Santa know all about it!
So until next Christmas Kada...I will be waiting for you! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kada Day Twenty Three...

I cant believe its only two more days until Christmas! Soon Kada, my little "Elf on a Shelf", will be leaving me...its both sad and a relief! This morning, I did my usual thing and came downstairs and immediately started looking for him.
It took me a minute, but I found him! He was in the den again, this time he was trying to wrap a present!
To be an elf, he sure doesn't know much about wrapping gifts (he must have been watching Dada)! The silly little guy was trying to use duct tape!
Oh My Goodness! He gives me the biggest headaches, but you gotta love him!
I expect that tomorrow will be the last time I see him for another year! I hope he has been telling Jolly Saint Nick, that I have been a good girl! I haven't complained once about having to clean up all Kada's messes!
And I guess this is just another one for me to clean up!