Monday, December 13, 2010

Guess who I went and saw!

Last Thursday, Mama and Dada took me to the mall for a surprise! They made me dress up nice and cute (which isn't very hard for me to do)!
When we got there we walked around a little bit and then we went and stood in line, even though it wasn't very long I was glad they brought my stroller!
As we moved forward I quickly realized where I was and what was about to happen! I was going to see Santa Claus and get to tell him what I wanted for Christmas!
With no hesitation, I climbed up in the old man's lap and quickly began to spout off what I wanted...
"A Mickey Dance Dance, a Tiger Dance Dance, a mermaid Dance Dance, play-doh, a doll house, mermaid dolls and a "Go Tigers! Go Tigers! Win, Win, Win dress"!

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