Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kada Day Twenty Three...

I cant believe its only two more days until Christmas! Soon Kada, my little "Elf on a Shelf", will be leaving me...its both sad and a relief! This morning, I did my usual thing and came downstairs and immediately started looking for him.
It took me a minute, but I found him! He was in the den again, this time he was trying to wrap a present!
To be an elf, he sure doesn't know much about wrapping gifts (he must have been watching Dada)! The silly little guy was trying to use duct tape!
Oh My Goodness! He gives me the biggest headaches, but you gotta love him!
I expect that tomorrow will be the last time I see him for another year! I hope he has been telling Jolly Saint Nick, that I have been a good girl! I haven't complained once about having to clean up all Kada's messes!
And I guess this is just another one for me to clean up!

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