Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Eve!

Only one more day until Trick or Treating!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Only 2 more days until Halloween!

You like my scary cat shirt?

We carved my first pumpkin last night!!!

Here I am with the parents and my's almost as big as me!Mama, traced our pattern on the pumpkin.
I help too!
I gave it my touch of approval!
Then Dada "butchered" it open!
I wonder if I can eat that?
Yep I can!
YUCK! I told myself, "Self, don't eat anymore of that it tastes gross!"
Then I helped Dada scoop out all the insides!
Looks like you missed some Dada, don't worry I will get it.
Then, I licked the scooper clean! I should have remembered that it tasted gross!
Then I played with some of the pumpkin brains!
All cleaned out, now its time for Mama to cut out her pattern!
You could never tell this was her first time carving a pumpkin.
Looking good Mama! Almost done!
Here is the finished pumpkin...
and here it is with a candle in it and the lights off! SPOOKY!!!
Happy Halloween! Only two more days to go!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let me catch you up from Sunday night...

So when we got home from the pumpkin patch Sunday night, I tried to do a little trick riding on my pony!Then when Mama got home from work on Monday, we went to a drive-thru pumpkin patch.
They had more big pumpkins than the pumpkin patch on Sunday!
I finally found one I liked. Mama and Dada say we are going to carve it on Wednesday night!
Here are some of my Halloween clothes. I wouldn't let Dada take a picture of the pumpkin on it. It says, "Mommy's little pumpkin!"
Then today, Dada and I took a picture of a ghost in our living room! Don't be scared it wasn't really a ghost, it was just me playing with a flashlight!
Then Dada wrote my name on the wall with the flashlight and took a picture of it. Don't worry I can't figure out how he did it also, but it looks cool in the picture.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My pumpkin patch trip!

When Sadie and I got there we saw this old truck that we played on and had our pictures taken on.We were having a nice conversation, but it is a secret and I'm not going to tell anyone what she said!
Then we played in the back of the truck!
Next, we went to pick some pumpkins...
I like this is little like me!
Here Sadie, what do you think about this one?
Then we played in a swing.
I was telling Dada everything I saw.
Then Mama and I had our picture taken too!
I am sick of getting my picture taken so I am just going to stare at the ground....come on its been like 2 minutes! I am not looking up again!
We got to pet some animals!
Let's make funny faces!
Sadie pushed me in a wheelbarrow...
Then Mama and I posed like we did last year! She and Dada kept saying they couldn't believe how much bigger I was than last year.
Then Dada and I did the same pose!

What a busy weekend!!!

When I woke up Saturday morning, I knew it was going to be a busy day so I slammed a RedBull and was ready to go!Dada had a shoot with Uncle I got to see a Wells Fargo stagecoach.
This is me watching the horses pull the stagecoach, after Mama took me shopping.
Look at Dada! He is crazy sitting backwards getting video of the driver!
We got to ride inside of it too!
I had fun taking off Mama's sunglasses!
When we got done riding, I got to pet the horses.
After they got the horses unhooked I got to sit shotgun with Uncle Joel and the stagecoach driver!
Here is a picture of Mama and I in front of the coach.
After I woke up from my nap, Mama and Dada dressed me up in an Indian costume to go to a Halloween party for a little while!
Check back in later for my pictures from my trip with my friend Sadie to the pumpkin patch!