Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween & Gooo TIGERS!!!

I just finished watching my TIGERS play and even though they lost I still love them.

First thing this morning I saw what Mama did last night after I went to bed. The house looked so good and look...she put all of our crafts together. Now its time to get started with our projects! We decided to use the backyard and one of Cooper's old blankets as our spray paint station. Mama said I had to stay inside while she spray painted, but I told her what to do!
When I woke up from my morning nap Mama made me lunch. YUM...p-nut butter!!!You want some Mama?
After lunch I got to play in my ball pit! It was so much fun!Once I was done, Mama and I made the plan white candles look bloody! What do you think?After we finished making bloody candles, I was hungry so I said "Mama...Pop Tarts". I guess she doesn't understand what Pop Tart means because she gave me a cup of gold fish! Oh well...Dada will give me Pop Tarts on Monday!Well, I am off to take my nap before my Gamecock play. Mama says we are making some more decorations before the game starts. YAY!

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