Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This child is crazy!!!

This morning, Randi was taking her morning nap, when all of a sudden she just started screaming. I ran upstairs to check on her, because she had only been down for about 30 minutes or so and she normally sleeps for an hour or more. I open up the door and she is standing in the corner of her crib, her shirt half on and a half awake confused look like she could not figure out how to get it the rest of the way off or put it back on. So I put it back on for her and she laid back down and slept for another 45 minutes. When she woke up screaming at the top of her lungs I quickly ran back upstairs, but this time grabbed the camera...just in case!

Here is what I found when I opened up her door!Before I could get to her crib, she already had it completely off.
She was so proud of herself, she started dancing and laughing!
Then she tried to put it back on, but just couldn't figure out how.
So she threw it out the crib, along with her pacifier and her monkey Lucy!


Jen Sharp said...

This is probably one of my favorite post yet! Go Randi I'm so proud of you!!! Next is the diaper!

Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed at those pictures. Has she been sneaking out of her crib watching late night Showtime? Hope she's not thinking about being a stripper!

Jamie said...

She was trying to climb up the pole on the floor lamp last night! Just remember her Uncle Matthew always had dreams of being a stripper when he was younger and I think he turned out alright!