Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let me catch you up from Sunday night...

So when we got home from the pumpkin patch Sunday night, I tried to do a little trick riding on my pony!Then when Mama got home from work on Monday, we went to a drive-thru pumpkin patch.
They had more big pumpkins than the pumpkin patch on Sunday!
I finally found one I liked. Mama and Dada say we are going to carve it on Wednesday night!
Here are some of my Halloween clothes. I wouldn't let Dada take a picture of the pumpkin on it. It says, "Mommy's little pumpkin!"
Then today, Dada and I took a picture of a ghost in our living room! Don't be scared it wasn't really a ghost, it was just me playing with a flashlight!
Then Dada wrote my name on the wall with the flashlight and took a picture of it. Don't worry I can't figure out how he did it also, but it looks cool in the picture.


Anonymous said...

Your daddy is just tooo cool!!! That writing on the wall is awesome.Still you are the cutest punkin in the patch!!!!
Cant wait to see you and mama and dada on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Too cool! I'm so glad you are not scared of ghost. They are not real.
Your name is the best. Dada is very
good with that flashlite.

Can't wait to see you Sat.

We are going to have so much fun at Poppe and Gram's..........

Love, Grandma