Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas List

Jamie has been bugging me about what I want for Christmas.  Honestly, I can't think of anything I really want for Christmas, but thought it would be fun to put a wish list of thing I would LOVE to have!  Here you go...

1. A new laptop bag.  I take my laptop to work everyday and edit during my lunch break.  Here is what I would love to have for my laptop 

Laptop protector (Carrying Case Sleeve by K-Cliffs)

Laptop bag! ( Allie Laptop Tote Bag by Rainebrooke™)

 2. A new camera bag.  (Kelly Moore Classic Bag in Rich Fuchsia) I am in LOVE with this bag, but its expensive and right now I just can't see paying that much for a camera bag!  It is beautiful!!!

3. New Uggs.  I have had the same pair of Uggs for 6 years and its time for a new pair.  Here is the pair I would get if I got to choose.
4. I know this is very realistic,  but I gave Jamie this pictures and told him that I was asking Santa for this... 
I want a house like this that I can decorate for Christmas!  To me, this is a dream house.  I big RED front door, white fence in the front year...its just beautiful!  I know it wont happen, but its a picture I can keep for the future!

5. Unless you know me, you may not know how much I have changed in the last year.  This was me a year ago...

and this was me June 2010
In June I decided to start a new lifestyle.  At that point I weighed 169.  This is me 6 weeks after I started my new lifestyle at Randi's birthday.

Here is me two weeks later at Disney

This is me on Nov 6th at the Clemson game. 

As of this morning I weigh 140!  Since June 28th I have lost 29 lbs and I am not done! So....I think a nice shopping spree to
Would be an fantastic Christmas gift! 

6. Last but not least and if I could only receive one gift this year, it would be for Jamie to get a job.  Please don't think I am upset about him being unemployed for almost 2 years.  I love him more today than I did two years ago when he lost his job.  God has given Jamie one of the most precious gifts in the world by allowing him to raise Randi.  Since I was little all I ever wanted was to be was a stay at home mom that did craft projects, baked goodies for the kids to decorate and work on my photography.  God didn't have the same plan I did and I trust that their is a reason for this. 

I worry everyday about providing for my family.  I worry that something will happen and I will not be able to pay the bills.  I worry that Jamie will never find a job and will only work freelance a couple times a month.  I worry that I will always have to work two jobs so that I can give my family what they need and want.  I worry everyday and I will miss Randi's childhood because I am so busy working. 
Like I have said, I am not upset with my husband for losing his job or because he hasn't been able to find one for two years.  I am very thankful that he has been able to be with Randi.  He has done a wonderful job with her and I love him more today than yesterday.  He stole my heart 10 years ago and I hope he never wants it back!

Its was so much fun to make this WISH list, but Jamie and I decided not to get each other anything for Christmas.  We are just going to let Randi give us a little something and I already know I am getting.  She  told me last night.  I can't wait to get it!!! 

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Anonymous said...

The job is coming....and the house has to have an in-law suite....
the 4 of us all agree....on that one.....with 2 bedrooms please, we love each other but, all 4 sharing the same room..might have peolpe talking....we will furnish our on suite...I like Popee and Gam's idea's, all Papa wants to add is a very large TV....Prayers are his time and way...
You are a great Mom and Wife...things will all come have been a trooper
we all love you for your drive and Jamie has been a GREAT stay at home Dad...not a lot of Dad's would have done it for their child
to have a better home life and I know how he wants to get of the house and go to work every day, but both of you together have made
very wize dicisions in the past long months. We love you both very much....keep your faith a team.....