Friday, December 31, 2010


Jamie took Randi to the Clemson pep-rally last night and I hate I had to miss it, but I was working.  (what a sweet Dada to take his little girl to a Clemson rally)
She got to meet The Tiger and some players!

She also got to meet President Barker.  The really neat thing about this was he gave her a bowl pin and ... even though he doesn't know it at this moment, the child he is holding is the granddaughter of the man he helped honor on Military Appreciation Day.  I think it may be neat to respond to his email he sent me with this picture!  I know...I am a dork!  HA
How sweet...Dada didn't even wear his USC hat, even though I told him to wear it. 

Randi and I before we were leaving to go to the game.  She decided at the last second that she didn't want to go and I was a little sad, but glad since we got killed!  HA

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