Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Disney World will wear you out!

Mama, Dada and I went back to the park on Monday and Grandma went with us!You like my funny ears?
Who in the world do I see?
Mama, Dada, and I took a family photo with Pluto!
Then Dada took me to get Pinochio's autograph!
I am almost as tall as him!
Grandma bought me some furry, pink ears when Mama and Dada went to ride Space Mountain!
I found Pluto's home!
Then Mama took me to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
I got a hug from Minnie!
Then we took another picture with them and Grandma joined in!
I didn't want to leave them!
Then we saw a show outside of Cinderella's castle!
I was getting tired!
Then I saw Uncle Steve....I mean Goofy!
Monday night, we went and saw the Spectramagic parade! Look Grandma who is that!?!?
It's Mickey Mouse!!!Hey Mama! Do you see what I see?
It's Cinderella!
Then we saw Minnie Mouse again!
After the parade we ate dinner and I sat with Mama...
and watched the fireworks!
Papa I am getting tired, lets go home!
Me and Papa!
Me and Grandma and Papa!
It was a long day!
AHHH! A bed!!!

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