Monday, November 30, 2009

Had fun last week, but I am tired now!

Took a 2 hour nap this morning and I am about ready for another one. I had a blast last week, but I am worn slap out!


Anonymous said...

We had a blast having you, Mama, and Dada in town for eight days.
You didn't spend the night at only three houses. At lot of packing and up packing for Dada. A lot of work for Mama and Dada everywhere ya'll went someone was building something. NOT, at Papa and Grandma's we just played, eat, and slept and Bogie got lots of loving. Thank you for coming to see us for a week. I had the best Thanksgiving ever. You are the best play mate, I know Ashton and Tripp told me how much they loved
having you at their house.
Love, hugs,and lots of kisses
Get ready for Christmas! More Fun
without the work.

Anonymous said...

We all had a blast having the three of you home for eight days.
Can't wait for Christmas and ya'll coming back home. Rest up for lots of fun and food. We will all meet at GrandNanny' on the 20th and you will have more fun. The house will
be full with family.
Love, hugs, and kisses,