Monday, November 9, 2009

What a fun weekend!

We went down to Charleston this weekend to see Uncle Matthew for the Citadel homecoming. We stopped at the Naval Base memorial to pass some time on the way in. It was fun getting my picture taken with Mama and looking at the water.
Then I posed with Dada.
And then I made them take a picture of me by myself!
We went and checked in at the hotel and Dada let me ride on the luggage cart. He said we were going to a parade...
So this was my float in my own little parade!
Then we got to The Citadel's campus and I had to wait for the parade to begin, so I decided to have some juice!
Here is the flag on top of Uncle Matthew's barracks!
Hey does that guy look familiar???
Here is Uncle Matthew's company marching by for the "Pass and Review"!
And there they go! I cant believe they let Uncle Matthew carry a rifle!
I had a blast! After the parade we took Uncle Matthew out to eat and got to visit with him for awhile. I had a great time Friday night, and will update more pictures from the rest of the weekend soon. For now it's time to go eat lunch!

Golfballs...Get Some!

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