Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Happy Tuesday ya'll. Sorry I haven't shown you my Halloween pictures yet, but I had a busy weekend and this week has been crazy already.

Saturday Dada and Mama loaded me up and said we were going to Columbia. YAY!!!

Look at this cute outfit Mama made for me. She must know that I LOVE my tigers and since it was homecoming I needed a special outfit! I think she was just trying to show me off to everyone since she was having a party at Poppy and Grams house.
After my nap my Papa and Grandma came to Poppy and Gram's for the party. They were 1st to arrive and I was happy about that!
They brought me this cool pumpkin full of my favorite snacks!
It even made a good HAT
Later in the day my cousins and friends came over. My cousin Kade and friend Andrew aren't in this picture. I am going to have a talk with Mama about that. I told her that she had to get pictures of everyone, but looks like she forgot.
This is my cousin Ashton. She looks great!
This is my friends Kendall. She is so funny! She pulled me in my wagon when we were trick or treating.
This is my cousin Madison. Love the outfit!!!
I am not quite sure what cousin Tripp is, but he gets a A+ for bad teeth. I think he needs to borrow my toothbrush and tackle those thing.
Here is Garrett! I heard through the grapevine that he dressed in a shirt and tie because he knows I love a man in a suit! HA HA HA
Here I am! I am the cutest Lamb Chop I have even seen. Well, to think about it I don't know who lamb chop is, but I am sure I am cutter than the original.
Uncle Jay brought the golf cart so everyone could ride and not walk. Mama and I hopped on an Grandma got us started.
When Grandma stopped Mama said I was supposed to go to the door. I got a little confused and had to come back to the cart to get directions.
I didn't want to go by myself. I didn't know who lives there.
Thankfully Mama came with me. She is so good to me.
Trick or Treat
When I said the magic words the lady put something in my bag.
It was so hot.
The next house Dada came with me.
Opps...I dropped my bag.

Yes...more candy!!!
Its getting full!!!!
Me and my Mama. Don't you like her headband. I let her borrow it since I don't like wearing it.
You can stay here mama...I can do it by myself this time.
My aunt Jen took me to the next house. Her costume ROCKED! She was a redneck USC fan. Love it!

At this point I was tired. So Mama carried me to the next house. When we got done with that house Dada brought my wagon. I love my wagon. Thanks again Papa and Grandma!
Here is my Gram. She also went as a redneck USC fan! She and Dada helped me to the next house.
Here is my Dada. He dressed up as a USC fan too. I don't understand why so many people dressed up as USC fans?
My Aunt Kim wore USC stuff too! I am beginning to think that maybe I should have dressed up as one so I could fit in.
Ok...I am hot and ready to get this costume off. Mama - next year can you get me two outfits. One for if its HOT and one for if its COLD?
Once I got back to Grams house I understood why everyone was dressed up in the USC stuff. My Gamecocks were playing football. Mama made me this cute USC tutu for the game. I loved it so much I had to show Patti. So Patti, do you like it?
Well, thats it. I had a great time seeing everyone this weekend. Now off to play with my cousins Tripp and Ashton, Grandma and Aunt Jen. Did I forget to tell you that I am in Columbia. I will write about my big day I had yesterday with Gram and Aunt Bookie after playtime!


Anonymous said...

We had fun!!!! Can't wait til next year, do it all again!! Loved my little lambchop.
Love ya Gram

Anonymous said...

Randi is so adorable in her costume!!! So sweet :)
-Aunt Nat

Anonymous said...

Randi, you are so cute you look cute as a lambchop, carolina fan, and
a CLEMSON fan. We love having you for along weekend. Sorry, I could not
hold you, but we made up for it playing on the floor. When Tripp and Ashton didn't have you in they'er arms
taking you all over the house. You pointed and they would take you. You have them right in a good place wrapped around the heart. Gram and Poppe were the best to have us all at their house we had a blast.
Love you Baby Girl, you are soooooooooooo cute,,,,Grandma