Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday Parade at the Citadel

When we got to The Citadel, we got to go see Matthew's room, and he gave Gram a flower to wear for homecoming.I kept looking outside to see all the other people in uniform.
So Poppy took me outside.
Then I went back in Matthew's room and had my picture with him. I wasn't scared of him this visit.
This time, Matthew had to pose with he is with Gram and Poppy.
Then Aunt Bookie and Uncle Clet Clet.
Then Dada and Aunt Bookie.
Then, me, Mama and Dada.
On the quad, I was a big hit. Everyone was trying to take my picture in my tutu and onesie that Mama made me! Even the other cadets laughed because it read, "My uncle is a KNOB!"
Here is G company in formation before the parade, leaving their barracks.
They sure know how to stay in step!
Here is Golf company's guidon.
And here is Uncle Matthew during the "Pass and Review"!
Look at my "HOT" Mama and me!
Then we met up with Aunt Bookie's friends.
So we took their pictures.
Then I saw a golf cart that Uncle Jay would love!
Look at them "24's". Those sure would look good Uncle Jay!Here I am after the like my outfit?
Here is a good shot of what it says!
Uncle Matthew thought it was funny!


Anonymous said...

Randi, you have the greatest Mama and Dada. They are so good at taking pictures and caring for you. Thanks Steph and Jamie, you are doing a wonderful job.
Love Gram

Unknown said...

What a great outfit, Baby Randi! I know Uncle Matthew loved seeing you all.

Love you, Aunt Jen

Anonymous said...

Uncle Matthew had to be so proud of his little niece. Showing how proud she is of her Uncle the knob. One day that will mean a lot for your both. Stephanie you did a get job. What a great weekend for the whole Dent family. Almost halfway has a knob. Uncle Matthew is so good looking in that uniform. Randy is so proud of him he talks about him being a knob all the time. But, he is showing off Randi this week I think she takes 1st first place this week.Randi you are so cute, Love Grandma