Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Citadel Homecoming Game

After the parade in the morning we took Matthew to eat lunch and then there was another parade! This one was a little different...all the cadets marched from the campus to the stadium. Here is some guy in a stroller for old folks! Not sure if he is excited or just needs a new diaper!Then we saw some band geeks.
I had to deal with this dork all day!
Come on Gram, I know there is food in that bag...give me some!
If Fred Flintstone was a band geek this is what he would wear. He must be tough or "funny" though, he had a skirt on.
Hey Uncle Matthew!Lookin' GOOD!
Right before they yelled..."Golfballs, get some!"
Can you find Uncle Matthew? I can!
These people love their cannons almost as much as they love parades...nah, maybe a little more!
"I see you again Uncle Matthew!"
Mama and I cheered hard for The Citadel Bulldogs...NOT those ones from Athens!
We left at halftime so I could take a nap.
But I was asleep before they even got me out of the stadium!
All in all, we had a great weekend! Can't wait to see you in two weeks Uncle Matthew!

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Anonymous said...

A great weekend was had by all it looks like. But, you are by far the cuties of them all along with
Uncle Matthew. I'm sure you did sleep for Dada all day yesterday.
You had a long and busy 3 days.
I'm sure you found a future man in uniform we just don't know him yet!!!!!! Wish we will when you are around 35. Love to the cuties
Little One Around, love, kisses, hugs....Grandma