Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Going on a tree hunt...

I wonder what we will find!So Dada, you grab the needles and see if they come off, if they do you don't want that tree.
Come on Mama so many trees, so little time!
You guys stay here...I will go find the perfect tree!
I got a kiss for whoever finds me first...
Come on...its this way
Here it is...isn't it beautiful!
See Dada, the needles don't fall off!
What do you think Mama?
Look Dada...our ornaments will look great up there.
Lets get a picture Mama!
Ok, your turn Dada!
What do you think?
After tree hunting we went to dinner. Can you guess where we went?!?! I don't need a menu!
UMMMMMMM...we went to Groucho's! Wish I could have that STP Dipper!
Got to double fist the bags of chips!
LOVE me some RANCH
on my grilled cheese!!!
Dada was working hard on the tree when we got home so I decided I needed to help!
Doesn't my Dada look good in his mountain shirt. I think he wore it because we were going on a tree hunt!
So that's all we are going to do tonight...check back tomorrow night to see how I decorated it.
One last thing...don't you think I am the cutest little Monkey in the world!?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

You ARE the CUTEST! We love you, JJTA

Anonymous said...

You BET, you ARE the CUTEST Monkey in the world. What a great Christmas tree you picked out. We love you, Mama, and Dada...hugs &
kisses, Papa and Grandma