Thursday, December 24, 2009

Clemson/USC Game

As you can see, since mama is a tiger and dada is a gamecock...I'm confused!

Here we are...A Family Divided!

Even my cousins are confused. It's actually a good thing to be confused because your team will always win!
Papa & Grandma with their kids. Nice shirt give it back to Tripp so he can give his back to Ashton and the all the kids have on Clemson!

Meet my Uncle Walt and Aunt Tam. There live down the street from my Aunt Jen and are part of the family now!
Papa and his girls!
Sisters Divided!!!
Me and my Aunt Jen. She just loved that my Tutu Mama made me was able to show USC on one side!
This picture will go down in History. Even though I love my Uncle Walt...I have never let him hold me. He will probably blow it up the biggest it will go and frame it above the fireplace! HA
Aunt Jen and her baby!
Aunt Jen and her buddy!
Thanks for the Cookie Uncle Jay!
Tripp & Ashton worked hard so the adults could eat...
Uncle Walt and Aunt Tam! It took Mama like 5 tries to get this pictures due to Uncle Walt's funny Faces. I will have to do a post just on his funny faces one day!
WOW...another cookie. I love you Uncle Jay!!!!!!!!!
Still working...
Aunt Jen and Tam!
Well, there you have it. We had a blast and my outfit Mama made me was a hit. She worked really hard on it! I do feel bad for Mama because her Tigers lost, but I am happy for Dada! Now they are even...1-1!

I wonder what Mama had in store for me to wear next year!

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