Friday, November 20, 2009

Going on vacation!

I am heading to Aunt Jen's, Gram's and Grandma's houses for the next week, so Mama and Dada told me I needed to pack my suitcase. Let me make sure I have everything...

Ariel top for my build-a-bear....Check!Zoe...Check!
Scratch that! I don't need those things!
So what do I need?
I guess I will just pack myself!
Now if only I can get this to zip...I will be done!
See everyone soon!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Thats right all we need is you. We will buy you what ever you need when you get here. We just need you, Moma, and Dada for a whole week. I can't wait. Move over Aunt Jen Grandma's on her way, too. Tripp and
Ashton will need Grandma to hangout with the three of you. Call me when you are on the road to Columbia.
Love, hugs and kisses, Grandma

Unknown said...

Come on Gma, we are home! U don't have to wait on Baby Randi!?!