Friday, September 17, 2010

Here's your one chance fancy

My mom surprised our family with ticket's to see Reba and George Strait
so last night we headed down to Columbia for the show!

I was super excited about getting to go see Reba, as she has been
my favorite singer since I was a little girl! 

I still remember my 1st Reba concert with my dad and even though she doesn't dance
and do costume changes anymore...I was still that little kid in a candy store!

Reba even had Leanne Womack come out and help her sing
"Does He Love You", which was great,
but nothing will ever beat Reba and Linda!

If you ever saw Reba's TV show, then you will know who this lady is...

Barbara Jean was so funny!  I would try to explain, but I think the outfit tells the story!

You can't have a Reba concert without Fancy...My favorite Reba song!

All in all we had a great time last night and Randi did so good for her 1st concert!
It was such a joy for me to go the concert with my family. 
My family means the world to me and each time I get to spend time with them is such a blessing!

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