Friday, September 24, 2010


When Jamie and I first started this blog, it was to keep our family in the loop on how my pregnancy was going. Once Randi arrived it became her blog and for the most part we have only talked about her day or just gave you a glimpse into what her day was about. To me, this is our family scrap book and when I look back it doesn’t really talk much about our family. Sure there were some days we talk about what we are doing, but for the most part it has been a picture or two of what Randi was doing that day. With that said, we decided to change it to a family blog.
So…..what do you think about the new title? I love the wording…it explains our family to a T. What I didn’t consider were people who do not know us reading it differently. Our family is divided, but not in the way it came across. Jamie loves his Gamecocks and I love my Tigers. Even though I love the pink background better, I changed it last night so people would understand what we mean by family divided. I know I am going to have to fix it soon since I used the paw and gamecock (I am not supposed to do that), but for now it works. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do so that people understand???
Jamie and I would like to apologize for not keeping you updated on Randi’s life. Our life is crazy these days with Jamie working more freelance, Randi starting pre-school and my photography is really picking up. I was really worried about how Randi would react to Jamie being gone since he has been home with her for 18 months, but the transition has been good so far. It has been wonderful watching him glow now that he is working, but with working a full time job, taking care of Randi, staying up late editing, I am really struggling to find a new balance. Each day is better than the day before and I am so thankful that my sister lives here to watch Randi while I am at work and my parents have come up and watched Randi while I go to photoshoots. So bare with us…we really do want to update you on our lives!


Anonymous said...

A Unique Family? House divided?

Anonymous said...

We are blessed to be able to keep 77 hot helping our Family. Having you all 7 in one place is nice. Jamie is really enjoying all the work, I love his smile when he is off to work. Papa and I could not be happier for our family getting to come up and stay puts the icing on the cake for us. We love all 7 of our babies. Gama and Papa