Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh What a Night!!!

Last night we went out to dinner to PF Chang's with Aunt Jen, Uncle Jay, Tripp and Ashton!
We were celebrating Aunt Jen and Uncle Jay's anniversary as well as Dada's birthday!
Then Dada had to blow out his candle on his cake...they couldn't fit 33 so they only put 1!
We had a great time! Until we got home. Dada opened his last present from Mama and I and then I went to bed about 9pm. Around 330am or so I got sick and Dada came and laid down with me. I didn't feel well until around 545am or so. I gave Dada two more "surprises" (lets just say the vegetables and rice didn't sit well with me) and he ended up having to wash two sets of pajamas, two blankets, my bed sheets, two pillows and two pillow cases. I woke up around 800am and have felt better since then, besides the fact of being tired! I was very whiney all day until I went down for my nap! Now I can't wait for Mama to get home so we can pack for Columbia and get ready to PARTAY at Aunt Boo Boo and Uncle Clet Clet's engagement party on Saturday!

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