Monday, August 16, 2010

Randi's Birthday - Monkey Joe's

On 8/8/10, we celebrated Randi's 2nd Birthday by going to Monkey Joe's.  

Papa, Gandma, Jay, Jen, Tripp and Ashton came with us to celebrate. 

It was the 1st time Tripp and Ashton had been to Monkey Joe's and I think they all had FUN!

Papa and Gandama had a great time as well observing the scene!

Now back to the FUN!

I even took time out from taking pictures and partied with my birthday girl!

Even though Tripp is 10, he loves spending time with Randi.  It just melts my heart!  

As Randi would say...Go Ashton Go Ashton GO!!!

Uncle Jay was so funny!!!

After sliding for a while, Randi went back to the kid area.  She has such a great time in the kid area and it gives us time to rest!  

This time however, Randi finally found a dog!

Ashton lost her tooth while we were jumping so we took a little break and got...

After the popsicle we went home and had a little party!  We keep the decorations up from her party and set up some of the food from the day before and everyone had a wonderful time! 

This is by far the best birthday cake you will ever eat!  Its chocolate on chocolate from Chocolate Wonderland in Columbia, SC.  Randi couldn't have a party without one!

All in all we had a great weekend celebrating Randi's birthday!  Both of her parties were a hit, but the biggest surprise was yet to come...our present for our little Randi Mouse!!!

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