Friday, August 27, 2010

Look Mama, its...

Our gift to Randi for her 2nd birthday was a trip to Disney.  I know she went in January, but at that time she didn't have a clue who anyone was.  Now that she has a slight obsession, we thought it would be fun!

During our trip we took over 1000 pictures!  Instead of doing a slide show, a really long post or cutting out most of the pictures taken, I decided I wanted to relive our trip though pictures.  I know this will take a while, but I think you will enjoy what we got to enjoy first hand.  So, sit back, relax and enjoy Walt's wonderful world of Disney through the eyes of our child.

It was August 26, 2010

A beautiful morning, with a Starbucks or two
with our little munchkin that had just turned 2!

She was dressed as Minnie Mouse, but didn't have a clue
that today would be crazy and memorable too!

It started with a bus ride,
 then a boat and a big thank you!  

After pictures were taken then what should appear?  
It was there in the distance for her eyes to see
"oh dada" was said

"Mama look" came next
with a giggle and a grin
"its Rella's Castle"
was heard from our doodlebug.  

It was at that moment
that her eyes started to beam
and one of her princess
was going to be seen!

Mickey and Minnie were first on the list 
how to get their became our 1st test

Should we walk, run, or skip to the beat
or should we ride the choo choo and stay off our feet?

The decision was made when she heard the choo choo
and ridding with a stroller became the next thing to do.

It fit but just barely, now lets have some fun...

...and enjoy mama's shades before we are done!

Before the train stopped is when it began
and Mama was quick to capture it first hand.

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