Sunday, August 15, 2010

Randi's 2nd Birthday Party

On 8-7-10 we celebrated Randi's 2nd Birthday...hope you enjoy these pictures from her party!
Here is our entrance table - I set up her 2 year picture frame and put Randi's favorite things around it!

I wasn't sure what to do with the party favors so I just hung them on the stairs. I think it turned out really cute! I did have two left over so I hung them where Jamie and I hang our keys.

I loved the kids lunches! The Minnie Mouse head PB&J's were so cute and who doesn't love some Minnie cheese and grapes!
My favorite thing about the party was the sweets table! I loved everything about it...especially the tutu I made for the skirt!
Randi's cake was AWESOME!!! It came from Ella Art in Fort Mill.
I forgot to get pictures of the adult food before the party so I set it back up just to take these pictures! We had some yummy BLT dip, fruit, veggies, Spinach dip and you can't have a party without Mathias sandwiches!!!!
I set up the garage as the sitting area! I think it turn out perfect!
So there you have it... It took me 6 months to plan and make all the party decorations. It was a lot of work, but seeing Randi enjoy everything made it all worth it!!!

Please enjoy this slide show of our little Randi Mouse celebrating her 2nd Birthday!
All pictures were taken by Jen Sharp from Photo-Bugg Photography - you can check out her at


Anonymous said...

What a great time we all had at Randi's Club House. You have great friends and family. I love all the Minnie Mouse things Mome made for you and your dress was just your style. Can't wait to see what you want next year and your Mome comes up with for the theme. You are loved by many. My little angle, Gama

Jen Sharp said...

we need to play again soon! hope you and mama are feeling better...LOVE YOU!

Unknown said...

It definitely looks like a great party, your daughter must have really enjoyed it. The food arrangements and decorations are wonderful and the cake looks amazing too. I’m also organizing a party to celebrate my daughter’s birthday this weekend. Have found the perfect party space at one of the home studios NYC.