Saturday, August 28, 2010

Off to explore

Is what she wanted to do
to Minnie's house is now the plan
but a playground was found instead

She slid and slid

and slid some more

it looked fun so I jump in...
but I didn't fit, oh well

After playing for a while
a juice box was need to rejuvenate

and off to Minnie's we go...

Her house was so neat 
and pink
and small

Their were books
and more books
an art set too

and a birthday cake for you to see 

After a quick change, the Tea Cups were next

she laughted

She smiled

she grined

she fell in love and

wanted to do it again

Its the happiest place on earth, 
so whats with the faces?
look closely and you will see why

Oh well, maybe next time...

I see Dumbo, do you?

That's not Dumbo...that's Rella's Castle

She found him and in line is where we went

Daddy stole a kiss, but thats nothing new

We rode and we rode

and got to enjoy this view

then she saw a horsee or two

When we were done
we took her to Pirates of the Caribbean

Her eyes tell the story
there was so much to see
I don't think she'll sing 
"a pirates life for me"
anytime soon

It was time for a nap
so we started to go

Donald the duck 
was there to be seen
a quick stop was made 
but then we would be on our way

Thats when Goofy appeared 
and she begged and pleated
so one more stop was made

Then she saw The Magic Carpets
and we couldn't say no
she loved it like crazy
cause it was just like Dumbo

we only rode once
which came with a sad face
but we really needed to go

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