Thursday, October 29, 2009

We carved my first pumpkin last night!!!

Here I am with the parents and my's almost as big as me!Mama, traced our pattern on the pumpkin.
I help too!
I gave it my touch of approval!
Then Dada "butchered" it open!
I wonder if I can eat that?
Yep I can!
YUCK! I told myself, "Self, don't eat anymore of that it tastes gross!"
Then I helped Dada scoop out all the insides!
Looks like you missed some Dada, don't worry I will get it.
Then, I licked the scooper clean! I should have remembered that it tasted gross!
Then I played with some of the pumpkin brains!
All cleaned out, now its time for Mama to cut out her pattern!
You could never tell this was her first time carving a pumpkin.
Looking good Mama! Almost done!
Here is the finished pumpkin...
and here it is with a candle in it and the lights off! SPOOKY!!!
Happy Halloween! Only two more days to go!


Anonymous said...

Good job everyone on the pumpkin. Can't wait for you to help me with mine.
Luv YA Gram

Anonymous said...

Great job! I'm glad you didn't like
the inside of the pumpkin. Gramdma will being you some pumpkin you will
like Sat. Can't wait to see you all at Poppe and Grams One more day. Don't let them get all your suger before I get there. We are going to
have a blast Halloween and I hear we are watching the GAMECOCKS play football when you go nite-nite. I bet you get to stay up Gram and I will out vote Mom and Dadabe have back up votes Poppe and Papa.
You sure look cute in your pre Halloween clothes you look cute in a diaper. Love and kisses, Grandma