Monday, March 22, 2010

Went to Monkey Joe's yesterday!!!

When I got there, I wasn't quite sure of what to make of the place.Then Mama and Dada put me in one of the bouncy things and I loved it!!!
They told me Dillon and Jen were coming to play too, but I haven't seen them anywhere!
Oh wait, I found Dillon!
Don't tickle me Dillon!
Then Mama helped me in the BIG bouncy thing!The look on my face shows terror, but it was really fun! I had to do it again and again!
Then I went down another slide...
and Dada followed!
Jen and Dillon went down one too!
And here comes Mama!
Then I went down the big one...again!

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Anonymous said...

The pic of you and Dillon coming down the big slide is HILARIOUS!!! The look on your face had me laughing over and over. Too funny, little girl!! GLad you had a fun day with Mama and Dada. Love you monkey girl, Gram.