Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Wedding

Here is a quick update before we leave for San Diego.

Last weekend Jamie and I went to Johnson City, TN for his cousin’s wedding. It was so nice to get to see his dad’s family since we hadn’t seen them since September 2006.

We left Charlotte on Friday afternoon and took the scenic route to Johnson City. It started snowing when we reached Boone. I tried my best to talk Jamie into going skiing for a couple hours, but he kept on driving. The trip was beautiful even though the snow turned to rain the closer we got to the hotel.

The whole family hung out all day Saturday and then got ready for the wedding. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was gorgeous. There was a picture of Adrianne laying down in her dress and it was by far the most beautiful wedding picture I have see. I wish I could show you!

The whole weekend was perfect until I woke up Sunday morning. That is when my nausea and vomiting returned in full force. At that point, I hadn’t been sick in almost 4 days and thought it was starring to go away. I guess I should stop thinking. Well, I am on my 3rd day on my medicine that the doctor gave me and the nausea seems to subside during the day…night time is a different story. Anyway, no matter how long I am sick I have been told its all worth it.

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Chris and Adrianne said...

We made the blog! How exciting....I feel famous! Thanks for all the sweet comments about the wedding, and we will both be keeping the three of you in mind.
Love you,
Adrianne and Chris