Thursday, March 20, 2008

18 Weeks and 3 Days

This weeks post will be brought to you by the "Father-to-be".
For me this week has been quite hectic. Since last Thursday, I spent four days in Dallas, TX for a casting call, which went great! Flew in around midnight Sunday and then woke up at 345am Monday to head to Pittsburgh. Arrived back in Charlotte around midnight again, had to be at work early Tuesday because we had an inventor coming in to see how his product was going. Then had to head out to New York on Wednesday morning for a day trip. Our flight got cancelled coming back to Charlotte, but fortunately for me, I was able to fly standby on an earlier flight. Now you are caught up to today....all except the one thing that you check these posts for. So here we go.

Steph had a doctor's appointment this morning. Everything went great! The babie's heart rate was at 145...which is normal. Steph has still been battling the nausea, so the doc gave her a few more pills to pop to help with that and to also help her sleep at night when it's the worst. And we also found out that...

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we Love little girls!!