Monday, November 1, 2010

My Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday was Halloween, but before we get to posting the pictures from Halloween night, I need to get you caught up on last week pre-Halloween events. First we will update you on our trip to the pumpkin patch last week.
We went to a different pumpkin patch this year than we did the last two years.
After we got there we had to choose our wagon that we would use to carry all our pumpkins! I think this is a trick to make you buy more pumpkins than actually need or that you can carry in your arms.
We found one that had some nice off-road tires on it, so I could pull it through the grass!
WOW!!! Look at all those pumpkins over there! I need to hurry!
Let me see which one do I want? This one works...I can lift it by myself!
Alright, thats one for me! Now lets find one for Dada! This one looks as Uncle Clet Clet would say, "NIIICCCEEE"!!!
Then, I helped Mama pick one out too!
I got Mama and Dada's loaded up in the wagon. Now let's go see if we can find some more little ones for Randi!
I thought we had seen all of them, until we went to look at some animals they had at the farm, and I discovered this big field...full of pumpkins!
Let me see if I can find a baby pumpkin. This one is kind of cute!
OMG! Too many pumpkins, not enough time!
Alright, I know a saw a pumpkin somewhere around here!
If I sit here long enough, I bet "The Great Pumpkin" will show up this year Charlie Brown!
Can we get this one Dada?
Three!!! (Dada told me not to run)
I'm ok! Mama helped me through the field!
Smile Mama!
Dada you need to get in here too!
OHHH! I can't believe how many pumpkins there are!
Mama and I had fun playing too!
Dada, look I found a green pumpkin!
Dada told me if I can pull it back to the register I could have all the pumpkins I wanted!
I will make it...eventually!
Well, I did make it with a little help from Mama and Dada! Check back soon to see how my pumpkins turned out after being carved!

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