Sunday, November 7, 2010

Military Appreciation Day

Friday, I took the day off so we could head to Clemson and spend some time with Nanny.  Our trip started early and after a quick stop to Pottery Barn, we finally made it to Clemson.  We checked into the hotel and then headed to Nanny's.  After playing at Nanny's for a while, we went to dinner and then on our way back to the hotel is when the FUN began!  As soon as we pulled up, Randi said "I going to ride magic carpet and see Dumbo?" I couldn't believe that she remembered the last time she stayed at a hotel was when we were at Disney, but she did.

Once we got inside, we realized that the team was staying at the same hotel.  Randi was so tickled and so was I until it started.  It was 10:30 and we heard "knock knock" then some talking and a door shut.  Then we heard "knock knock" some talking and then a door shut.  This went on for at least 10 more times until they were finished.  The good news was it didn't wake Randi up, but the bad news was I don't think Jamie or I went to sleep.

The alarm went off at 6 and we got up and started getting dressed.  At 7am the knocking started all over again!  Once we were all dressed, we packed the car and waited for my parents to arrive.  I went inside to get coffee and when I went back outside I saw my dad.  After a big hug, I told him that I had a surprise for him and to follow me.  When we walked into the hotel, I asked him if it was alright if (I pointed) that guy came with us.  My dad looked up and he said "Wildman, I can't believe you are here".  He probably didn't notice, but I saw the tears in his eyes, that his best friend was here from Washington, DC and was going to the game with us.  After a few minutes we all headed outside and packed the car for the game.

Once we parked, I went and found Jay, Jen, Tripp and Ashton.  Here is what happened next...

This is my dads hand and hat!

It was a great day full of tears and unforgetable memories!  I am so glad the Tigers won for my dad and it was very special for our family to see him honor at halftime!

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