Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us Your Life - Baby Names

When Jamie and I were dating we did the typical dating talk about children. I remember telling Jamie that I really didn't care how many children we had as long as I got the pick out the girls name. I already had a name picked out! HA

Fast forward 7 years and when we were ready to start having children. I was still dead set on naming our daughter and ran the name by Jamie. He LOVED it! Well, God did give a daughter and her name is...

Randi Brooks

My dad's name is Randy and Brooks is my father-in-laws middle name. What a great idea for her to be names after two of her grandfathers!

To top off our selection, we decided to let her name be a surprise. It drove our families CRAZY my entire pregnancy, but in the end they LOVED it! We even let my dad and father-in-law meet Randi before anyone else! The pictures of them meeting her and finally knowing her name are priceless!!!

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