Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Eve

Saturday morning we got up and went to Columbia to spend time with our families! Our 1st stop was to see Jamie's Grandmother.Next we went and saw Uncle Clet Clet's new restaurant. Doesn't he look cute behind the bar! HA
After that we went to my sister's house and cooked a BIG meal for my mom. Here is my mom and I...Happy Mother's Day Mom!I think Uncle Jay gave Randi mm's just so he could get a kiss!!!After lunch we went and saw Jamie's dad and brother. Matthew just got home from his 1st year at The Citadel. Matt - I will never understand all the things you went through the past 9 months, but I am very proud of you for making it through!!!
On an sad note: My grandmother went to be with the lord Saturday morning. I ask that you please pray for my step-mom Debbie and Aunts Lynn and Lisa as they spend their 1st Mother's Day without their precious mother! Nanny Neese, I will always remember the time we spent together when I was a child, your devotion to God and your love for your family!

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