Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Polar Express!

Now that you have seen all the details Randi and I put into decoration the house, party food and activities, lets get the party started.  I am pretty sure these two had a wonderful time celebrating their birthdays with family and friends!

Coloring book, train ornaments, tattoo's and snacks!


Ashton and the cupcakes she made for the party!


Randi's little gift from Dada and Mama!  She will get her big present on her birthday!  I have a feeling she is going to love her big present as much as she did her little gift!

Since Jamie will be working on Logan's birthday we decided to give him his big present at the party.  The rain almost didn't let us, but it stopped long enough for everyone to see.  I think he was happy and I think he knew what it was.  He has only been telling us for months that this is what he wanted! #seriousface

We can't thank our family and friends enough for making this day special for Randi & Logan!  
We are all lucky to have each and everyone of you!

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