Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gran-Nanny & Gooo TIGERS!!!

My Nanny fell right after Logan was born and she didn't want to meet him until she could hold him.  She is finally feeling better so we decided to take the kids to Anderson on Friday.  She was so excited to meet Logan and she cooked me some Mac-n-Cheese!  My Favorite!
 After the kids went to sleep, I looked around and saw some old pictures of my family growing up!  Boy...our kids are lucky they didn't grow up in the 80's.
I also noticed that with Randi's new haircut she looked like me as a kid!

Yesterday, we meet some friends and went to Homecoming at Clemson.  I love taking my kids to Clemson because when they are older they will get to decide which team they will pull for.  They may not choose to LOVE the TIGERS like I do!  

Logan was a little tired today and...
So was Dada!

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