Thursday, November 8, 2012


I had Randi hair cut tonight and I think it looks cute!

After our haircuts, we had to work on Randi's Tom Turkey!  
Turkey Disguise Project
As Thanksgiving approaches, the turkeys tend to want to go into hiding.  Please help your child create a disguise for their turkey.  Be as creative as possible.  I have seen turkeys returned as Christmas trees, Batman, Pilgrims, etc.  Remember this is your child’s project, but it is okay for families to give input.  You can find items around your home to attach to the turkey to disguise him as something else.  Don’t go to any expense.  It is meant to be fun! 

Randi is one lucky girl that we have a great craft room and she was able to disguise Tom just the way she wanted.  Do you know what Tom is??? 
He was the bear from the movie BRAVE! 

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