Friday, March 9, 2012

Its a....

Tonight we had our gender reveal party and it was so much fun!  I strongly suggest it for anyone that is having a child!  

I didn't do much decorations for the party because I haven't felt the greatest, but I didn't make a cute deserts table filled with blue and pink!

We played a cute game where I had questions printed our (old wives tales) and depending on my answer,  Butterbean will be a boy or a girl!

I also had our families suggest some names for us since we have no clue what we will name Butterbean!  I just love how Snooki made the list! HA

Now on to the reason everyone drove here...  
Butterbean is a BOY!  We are very excited and blessed!

Jamie took a video of Randi opening the present and its very funny!  I will add it here once I get it from him!  I'm still in shock!  I have always wanted to be a boy mom!

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