Monday, June 14, 2010

Last day of gymnastics!

While it looks like I am actually doing what I am supposed to, I am to ADD for gymnastics, so we are going to take the summer off and try it again in the fall. Here are a few pictures from my last class!I loved to hang around like a monkey though! This was one of the obstacles that I actually enjoyed doing!
I did not like this one!
Here I am on the balance beam...I mean under the balance beam! (And just out of frame there was someone else on it!)
Here I am doing it correctly!
I didn't want to jump off so I just sat down!
Hanging on the bar again!
Doing a forward roll on the are supposed to use the red ramp in the background, but not me, I just slid down it!
I got a star...not supposed to, I just picked it up from one of the stations where you do cartwheels! Miss Sarah, was actually chasing me down to get it back, not trying to help me do any flips or anything!
Just sitting during the stretching exercises.
Don't know what I am doing here...probably not what I was supposed to be doing!
Just looking cute!
I am supposed to be jumping through the hula hoops, but thats not as fun as doing a forward roll in one straight at the wall!
I think I wore "Gam" out!

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