Monday, August 10, 2009

Thanks to everyone who came to my party this weekend!!!

Here is Mama and I on my first birthday!!!
Don't you like my cake! I love the sock monkey on the top! Thank you aunt Jennifer!
I couldn't wait to destroy this cake! Thanks again Aunt Jennifer!
Here I am with Uncle Matthew, Aunt Brooks and Uncle Clet Clet!
Come on Grandma, give me another bite of that chicken salad sandwich from Mathias that I love so much!
Wow! I got a lot of great I am reading one of my cards....I don't have a clue what it said!
I can do it myself! I really like this bag!
Look at all the people who came to see me!
I told you I really liked this bag!
Look Mama is showing of my dress, but I am showing off the tissue paper!
Come on get out of the bag!
Why is everything in bags???
I love my new puppy purse!
Now this is an ACC team I can pull for!
Shake, Rattle and Roll!!!
Yep! I still like this bag!!!

I got my own little chair!

Check out my new ride!!! I will be the envy of all the kids!I think my emotions for this bag has turned to love!
Come on Mama, let me get back in the bag!
I told you all the kids would envy my new car!I know there is something in here, but I am not getting to far away from that bag!
Here you go Sadie, you want some tissue paper?

That's right I am one, see the hat even says so!
Just a quick taste before the fun begins!
YUMMM! This is delicious cake!
Hey Dada! What you think, you want a bite?
Here you go, I will share with you too!
I didn't make as big of a mess as Mama and Dada thought I would!After presents and cake, I went swimming in the pool!

Thanks for letting us use your house Aunt Jen, and thank you Mama for all your hard work! It was great and I had a blast!!!Thanks to everyone for coming out and having some fun on my birthday when I turned ONE!!!

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Anonymous said...

rucuncaIt was great the best 1st First
Birthday, ever. Thanks to Stehphanie's all hours and months of hard work it all came together.
Aunt Jen from Charlotte, Nc did a
get job on both cake. Tripp and Ashton did their part putting the treat boxes together and of course
Dada did all the thiings Mama askedof him with great pride on and time. Aunt Jen and Uncle Jay work hard getting the yard and house ready for all of my Mama and Dada family and friends they travieled alot of miles to see me on my bithday and again in Charolette, NC and again they they traveled today to Little Mountian, SC for my1st Birthday. My parents have a great circle of friends that would drive some many miles to share in two every special days with them and me.
Thank all for being so nice and
loving them so much.
We love all you share in loving our little Pookie Bear, Jamie and'our Little Baby Girl, Randi Brooks,
We are very luck Grandparends,
Papa and Grandma