Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's finally Christmas Eve!!!

I woke up this morning and went down the stairs,
I found Kada the Elf beside my daddy's big chair.He'd played with my toys and left them all out,
I then noticed Dolly, and she was worn out.By the look on their face, I bet that swing was a rocking,
I was off to the store for some last minute shopping!
While we were gone, he partied some more,
I entered the house and found a mess on my floor.In my diaper he sat, doesn't he know those are for me,
I hope it was clean and not full of my pee!I must say farewell to Kada the Elf,
But next year he'll return to sit on my shelf.
And Kada tonight, to Santa please say:
"Merry Christmas to all from Randi Brooks Gay"

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