Monday, December 8, 2008

4 Months old today

Well, it seems like Jamie and I just brought Randi home from the hospital, but today is her 4 month birthday. Happy Birthday Baby Cakes!!!
We went for her 4 month checkup on Friday and she is doing extremely well. The Dr. said we are in a world of trouble with her since she already rolls over both ways, is in the process of mastering sitting up and she is trying to craw. Anyway, here are the results from the visit.

Weight: 11lb 13oz – 25% for her age
Height: 22 inches – 97% of shortness…ie 3% for her age
Head: 39cm – 5% for her age

Dr Queen is projecting her to be about 5’ 2” so she should be taller than me. YAY!

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