Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Logan Open

This weekend we celebrated our little pro and it was definitely a party to remember.  

After working for weeks and weeks, I was excited for everyone to enjoy The Logan Open, but mother nature didn't feel the same way as me. 

It rained on and off all day.  I got the last decoration up and ready with a few minutes to spare, but I was still working on the food when the guest arrived. 

About 15 minutes into the party I finished the food and ran to change.

Jamie took Logan out to play while I changed and then it was time to take family pictures!

Not 2 minutes after a few family pictures the bottom fell out.  The guest were sweet enough to help me get all the decorations inside so there weren't ruined too much, but we were able to stay outside in the rain for a while!

We moved the party inside for cake and present!

 Logan really enjoyed the cake and presents and I hope everyone had a good time!

I am not going to lie...I was really bummed that I didn't get to see Logan actually play golf. 
It kind of broke my heart. 

All that matters is that Logan had fun and from the pictures I think he did!

However, I did learn one very important lesson...

I learned that even though the decorations were cute (what 10 minutes people saw of them), its wasn't worth missing Logan enjoy it!  Don't get me wrong...I love putting all the small touches on the party to make it special, but I will never get the party back.  I will never get to celebrate Logan's 1st birthday again.  I will never have a memory of watching him play golf at his party.  I was too busy trying to make it perfect, when in reality it didn't matter.

All that mattered was our family and friends were together and celebrating our little pro!

Happy 1st Birdie Logan!

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