Sunday, May 5, 2013


Friday when I got off from work we headed down to my parents house in Columbia so they could watch the kids for us so we could go to The Citadel for Matthew's graduation.  

10:15 pm - Bedtime.  Randi wanted me to sleep with her and could I say no to that!  We had to share a pillow and hold hands.  So sweet!

10:45 pm - get kicked in the side.

11:15 pm - took a hand to the head.

12:45 am - Logan woke up.

1:30 am - get kicked in the stomach.

2:20 am - Logan woke up again.

3:15 am - was told it was time to get up and get ready.  Really...I had maybe 3 hrs of sleep.

4:45 am - head to Charleston.

7:00 am - arrive at The Citadel for graduation.
Lieutenant General Rosa just sang "Don't think I don't think about it" instead of speaking it while awarding Darius his honorary degree Doctor of Fine Arts!  
 It was an amazing graduation, but my tush hurt after sitting for over 4 hours.  During the graduation, I learned that 250 students that started with The Citadel 4 years ago didn't make it.  What an accomplishment for Matthew to be able to hang in there and make it!

Tradition is big at The Citadel.  That was made very clear during the graduation.  It may be one of the only schools that allows parents to participate in giving the diploma's.  I may have cried each time I saw a father give his son his diploma, a father give his daughter her diploma and a grandfather give his grandson his diploma. I may have cried a little harder seeing a father and grandfather give their son/grandson his diploma is more amazing. But I really cried when I saw a father and both grandfathers give their son/grandson his diploma.

We also saw young men and women who have decided to join the military state the Armed Forces Othe.  Seeing this made me damn proud to be a military daughter, who's father took his Othe 45 years ago!

1:30 pm - lunch at Virginia's on King.  

2:30 pm - drove back to Columbia and picked up the kids 

5:00 pm - headed home.

8:30 pm - I decided to go to the grocery store.  Yep...I lost my mind!

Midnight - BED

Boy was it a long day, but seeing Matthew graduation was wonderful!

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