Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Princess is 4 today!

Today Randi turned 4!  We celebrated her birthday by going to Chuck-E-Cheese!


Logan's 1st taste of icing!

Present time

Money from Papa & Grandma
Mermaid bathing suite for her Mermaid party on Sunday from Aunt Jen, Uncle Jay, Trippy & Ashton

Logan got Randi a Cinderella doll!

Mama & Dada gave Randi a...
card that we finally signed for her actual birthday! (This is the 1st birthday we have actually signed her birthday card and given it to her.  We normally find her card a few months later when packing up all of her other birthday cards and will sign it then! HA) 

We also got her a...
an iPAD!  

She was so excited that she has an iPAD like Ashton!

We were so excited to give her an iPAD.  She plays with both of our phones all the time and has been asking for her own iPAD.  Nothing better than to make you little girls dreams come true!

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