Friday, October 15, 2010

Good Afternoon!

Well just wanted to post a picture of me and let you know what I have been up to. I woke up this morning and had some yogurt for breakfast. I decided to save a little bit for later...on my face!
It has been a busy week for me so far. I went to school on Monday and Wednesday like normal, I also went on Thursday because it was picture day. That didn't go so well, I didn't want to have mine taken so I threw a fit and the photographer wouldn't take my picture while I was doing that. However, I did do some artwork to hang on the fridge! Dada showed up while we were coloring with chalk and did some too! Can you tell which is mine?
Mine is the one on the black paper! Also, this week I have been helping Aunt Jen, Uncle Jay, Tripp and Ashton move into their new home! It has been alot of fun and maybe one day soon I will post some pictures of me over there.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will try to post some more next week!


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