Wednesday, August 13, 2008

5 Days old and we are still going to keep her!

Well...we have survived 5 days with Randi and only had two trips to her doctor, two trips back to the hospital to have blood work done (nothing serious though), a cool light that she has to lay on as much as possible during the day, her first bath at home, several walks around the hood, and many sleepless hours. So to sum it up everything is going great!

And now here is the more detailed version. We got the results back from the multiple trips to the doctor and hospital, her billirubin score has gone down. It was at 17.5 on Monday and as of yesterday it had dropped to 15, and that was without even being on the billi-light blanket. She has to sleep on it as much as she can until tomorrow. Her weight has started going back up, it was at 5 pounds 10 ounces today when we went to the doctor, so a total gain of 8 ounces in two days! The bath was lots of fun, full of screaming and wiggling around (that was just me; Randi did great!)...Oh how we look forward to the next one in a few days. Steph is doing great beside being a little sleep deprived, but we knew that was part of the deal 9 months ago. So here are a few pictures before we call it a night and try to get some sleep before the next feeding in two hours.


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Anonymous said...

you all look great. You look like naturals.