Tuesday, June 17, 2008

31 weeks

Today baby girl and I went to visit Dr. Bessent. I weighed in 2 pounds heavier than my last visit and I am measuring right on schedule. Baby girl's heart beat was in the 150's and she is breech. She still has time to turn so no worries there.

In the last couple weeks baby girl has become very active. She loves living in mommy's ribs and absolutely adores her daddy. They play this tap game and he reads and sings Snuggle Puppy every night before bed. It's so cute to watch them together. Every time he kisses my stomach she kicks back. I guess the saying is correct..."girls love their daddy's"...I know I do.

On another note - I know I said that we would share pictures of baby girl's room, but at this time we don't have any copies. Jamie's computer crashed at work so we lost them all. He took the hard drive to a company that says they will be able find them. I know I could just go take some more, but the ones we took were special. Hopefully we will have them soon and everyone will be able to enjoy.

Lastly, we had our 1st and 2nd baby showers a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun. She is one lucky little girl. Check out the pictures below.

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Anonymous said...

Aunt kim and uncle Marc love you and cant wait to see you guys. I am so excited to see my baby niece gay