Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Morning Sickness

What is there to say about morning sickness? Other than its hell! If you have been pregnant and didn’t have morning sickness – I hate you. (Just kidding!)

A week or so after Jamie and I found out we were expecting again, the morning sickness troll decided to stop by for a visit. I guess my hotel accommodations were just too good to pass up because the troll decided to stick around for a couple of months.

Everything made me sick; from brushing my teeth, to co-workers perfume to everything I ate and drank. If I was able to keep it down I was so nauseated I was miserable. I can honestly say that the only good thing that came from hugging the porcline shrine so much, was I gained more respect for my dad. You see my dad has leukemia and his chemo makes him sick all the time. He gets up everyday and goes to work…I can’t say that I did that during the trolls stay.

I tried everything I could to help me feel better. I sucked on B-Natal lollipops, drank ginger ale (when someone at work didn’t steal it) and ate salty foods - nothing worked. It wasn’t until my doctor told me to try something called Morning Sickness Magic that I started to feel better. I can’t really tell if it’s the medicine that helped or if my body finally adjusted to what was happening, but I started feeling better.

The best part about feeling better was I started to look human again. I can now say that I am able to keep everything down and I feel great most of the time.

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